Rooms Detail

The school is well equipped with adequate infra-structure. The building is spacious and airy which includes class rooms, standard height Activity Hall, Huge science lab with all modern equipments and best play grounds. All the class rooms are airy, well- lighted, spacious and fully furnished with all the modern amenities. C. C. TVs have been installed in all the class rooms and at all other prominent places to monitor the school activities. School for us is not just a place for learning about the world but also about ourselves, which would lead to a balanced behaviour and the development of the body, mind and spirit.

Number of classrooms (with dimension)

S. No. Class Rooms Size
1 12 7.09 X 6.45
2 5 9.67 x 6.45
3 4 11.29 x 4.83
4 1 8.06 x 9.67
5 1 10.64 x 4.19

Number of laboratories with dimension (Science,Computer)

S. No. Room Number Length (in Sq. Mtrs.) Breadth (in Sq. Mtrs.)
1 Composite Science Lab 1 8.06 9.67
2 Maths Lab 1 6.45 4.67
3 Computer Science Lab 1 10.64 4.19
4 Dance Lab 1 8.06 9.67

Library with dimension

S. No. Room Number Length (in Sq. Mtrs.) Breadth (in Sq. Mtrs.)
1 Library 1 10.64 4.19

Other room with dimension

S. No. Room Number Length (in Sq. Mtrs.) Breadth (in Sq. Mtrs.)
1 Activity Lab 1 12.9 9.67
2 Staff Room 1 6.45 4.67
3 Wellness Room/ Clinic 1 6.45 4.67

Computer Lab 
Computer literacy holds utmost important in today’s world. The school has a well equipped computer lab having eighteen advanced systems with networking and broadband internet facility on each system. Computer classes commence from class 1 st onwards.

Well stocked library provides reading and reference facilities on a variety of subjects. These go a long way in reinforcing what the students learn in the class room. The accession of latest books on Sciences, Art, Computers, Humanities, Social Studies, Languages, General Knowledge, and Environment etc. is a continuous and ongoing process.

Transport Facility
Safe and comfortable transportation in air-conditioned buses is provided by the School. It is mandatory for all children to use school transport. Children and educators travel together. Each bus has a fire prevention equipment, first aid and an attendant as precautionary measures. We take every measure possible to ensure that the children travel to and from school every day in a comfortable manner. 

Dance/Music Room
Students are provided training in Classical & Western music using state-of-the art musical instruments viz. Keyboard, Harmonium, Guitar and hi-tech recording system. We offer dance classes in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Preschool Dance, Mommy and Me, Ballroom, Break Dance and other dance styles.

Games & Sports:-
Sports & Games is a integral part of school life. To make the most of learning in the school grounds, gardens, seating or habitat areas on created, as well as imaginative areas for play. Total Area of School Campus is- 5569.2489 Mts. & area of playground is- 3750Sq. Mts. Whatever your school grounds are like, they can provide a real stimulus for lessons in all subjects. Children learn about plant growth. Growing vegetables, herbs and flowers from seed. Observing and recording their growth to maturity in just one season can help children understand the development and needs of plants that take much longer to mature. Also Sports & Physical teaching is compulsory for all students. It helps in inculcating the spirit of co-operation, discipline, healthy competition & team spirit among the students.