Teacher’s Training Program

Teacher’s Training Program

Golden Valley Public School, Baddi believes in keeping it’s teachers updated through various workshops according to the latest training methodology.  

Workshop on Communication Skills by Mr. Mahesh Sharma was conducted who explained the importance of communication.  He taught about different types of communications such as non-verbal communication and verbal communication.  He also talked about the channels of communication which can be visual, auditory, tactile, haptic, offactory, electromagnetic or biochemical. 

Another workshop on Lesson Planning and innovative Learning was conducted by Mr. Tejwant Singh Grewal. Various types of Intelligence i.e. Kinaesthetic intelligence, visual / spatial intelligence, musical, linguistic, naturalistic, interpersonal, intra personal, logico mathematical, spiritual and existential intelligence were discussed.

Golden Valley Public School, Baddi is always interested in acquiring every type of latest methods of teaching.  The school always keeps the teachers updated & informed about the changing atmosphere.

Workshop on S.St. and English subjects was organized by Evergreen Publications. Mr.K.S.Randhawa, Principal, MGM, DAV School, Jallandhar, who has 20 years of experience for conducting different types of workshops was the resource person. He explained  why the children have fear of English and S.St. and how to get rid of that fear from the minds of the students.  Dr.P.N. Rajput, Principal, DAV School, Jallandhar who was the resource person for English Workshop told that teaching is not one way.  It is both ways i.e. pumping in and pumping out.  Teacher is transmission (transmit the information), transaction (give and take) and transformation (changing the dull to bright).

Thus GVPS keeps on conducting various workshops & teaching programs for its teachers to impart & implement new and innovative methods of teaching.